Book Reviews

The Book Reviews are organised in alphabetical order by the author’s surname.


The Great Sea: A Human History of the Mediterranean by David Abulafia (2011)

The Realness of Things Past; Ancient Greece and Ontological History by Greg Anderson (2018)


Geography of Market Centers and Retail Distribution by Brian Berry (1967)

The Significance of the Monuments; on the Shaping of Human Experience in Neolithic and Bronze Age Europe by Richard Bradley(1998)

Ritual and Domestic Life in Prehistoric Europe by Richard Bradley (2005)

A Geography of Offerings: Deposits of Valuables in the Landscapes of Ancient Europe (Oxbow Insights in Archaeology) by Richard Bradley (2016)

The Frontiers of Imperial Rome by David Breeze (2011)

Odysseus Unbound; The Search for Homer’s Ithaca by Robert Brittlestone et al (2005)

The Other Side of Eden: Hunter-gatherers, Farmers and the Shaping of the World by Hugh Brody (2002)


I am an Island by Tamsin Calidas (2020)

Place; an Introduction by Tim Cresswell (2015)

Dostoevsky in Love – An Intimate Life by Alex Christofi (2021)I


The Origins of Sex by Faramerz Dabhoiwala (2012)

City of Djinns; a Year in Delhi by William Dalrymple (1993)

The Anarchy; the relentless rise of the East India Company by William Dalrymple (2020)

Stonehenge; the Biography of a Landscape by Timothy Darvill (2007)

Human Evolution; a Pelican Introduction by Robin Dunbar (2014)


The Channel Islands under Tudor Government 1485-1642; a Study of Administrative History by AJ Eagleston (1949)

Jersey 1204; the Making of an Island Community by JA Everard and JC Holt (2004)


The Moral Economy of the Countryside; Anglo-Saxon to Anglo-Norman England by Rosamond Faith (2020)

Walls; a History of Civilization in Blood and Bricks by David Frye (2018)


The Frayed Atlantic Edge; a Historian’s Journey from Shetland to the Channel by David Gage (2019)

The Vanquished; Why the First World War Failed to End 1917-1923 by Robert Gerwarth ( 2017)

The Afrikaners; Biography of a People by Hermann Gilliomee (2003, expanded 2010)

Britons and Anglo-Saxons; Lincolnshire AD 400-650 by Caitlin Green (2020)

FitzRoy, the Remarkable Story of Darwin’s Captain and the Invention of the Weather Forecast by John and Mary Gribbin (2016)


Otherlands by Thomas Halliday (2022)

Guernsey’s Countryside: An Introduction to the History of the Rural Landscape by Richard Hocart (2010)

Archaeological Theory Today by Ian Hodder (editor) ( 2001)



The Dawn Watch; Joseph Conrad in a Global World by Maya Jasanoff (2005)

How long will South Africa survive?The Looming Crisis by RW Johnson (2015)

Tribe; on Homecoming and Belonging by Sebastian Junger ( 2016)


Culture in Nazi Germany by Michael H. Kater (2019)

The Triumph of the Country; The Rural Community in 19th century Jersey by John Kelleher (2017)

Lost Japan by Alex Kerr ( 2015)

The End: Germany, 1944-45 by Ian Kershaw (2011)

The Great Partition; the Making of India and Pakistan by Yasmin Khan (2007)


Britannia, the Failed State; Tribal Conflicts and the End of Roman Britain by Stuart Laycock (2008)

The Medieval Administration of the Channel Islands 1199-1399 by John Le Patourel (1937)

Human Evolution ; an Illustrated Introduction by Roger Lewin (2004)

The Mind in the Cave; Consciousness and the Origins of Art by David Lewis- Williams ( 2002) 


Living with the Gods; on Beliefs and Peoples by Neil MacGregor ( 2017)

The Ottoman Endgame: War, Revolution and the Making of the Modern Middle East, 1908-1923 by Sean McMeekin (2016)

The Prehistory of the Mind by Steven Mithen (1998)

After the Ice; a Global Human History 20,000-5,000 BC by Steven Mithen (2004)

The Singing Neanderthals; the Origins of Music, Language,Mind and Body by Steven Mithin (2005)

The Better Half ; on the Genetic Superiority of Women by Sharon Moalem (2020)



On Borders; Territories, Legitimacy & the Rights of Place (2020) by Paulina Ochoa Espejo

The Anglo-Saxon Fenland by Susan Oosthuizen (2017)


The Archaeology of Death and Burial by Mike Parker Pearson (2003)

Stonehenge; Exploring the Greatest Stone Age Mystery by Mike Parker Pearson (2013)

The Gates of Europe; a History of Ukraine by Serhii Plokhy(2015)

The Children of Ash and Elm; a History of the Vikings By Neil Price (2020)

I am Dynamite; a Life of Frederich Nietzsche by Sue Prideaux (2018)



Factfulness; Ten Reasons We Are Wrong About the World and Why Things Are Better than You Think by Hans Rosling et al (2019)


Human Territoriality: Its Theory and History by Robert D Sack (1986)

Place, Modernity and the Consumer’s World by Robert D Sack (1992)

The British Channel Islands Under German Occupation 1940-45 by Paul Sanders (2005)

East West Street; On the Origins of Genocide and Crimes against Humanity by Philippe Sands (2016)

Six Minutes in May; How Churchill unexpectedly became Prime Minister by Nicholas Shakespeare (2017)

Entangled Life by Merlin Sheldrake (2021)

The Gospel of the Eels by Patrick Svensson(2019)


The Interest; How the British Establishment resisted the Abolition of Slavery by Michael Taylor (2020)

AnthroVision; How Anthropology can Explain Business and Life by Gillian Tett (2022)

Cosmos and Hearth, a Cosmopolite’s Viewpoint by Yi-Fu Tuan (1996)

Space and Place; the Perspective of Experience by Yi Fu Tuan (1977)

Escapism by Yi Fu Tuan (1998)

Religion; from Place to Placenessless by Yi Fu Tuan (2010)




Modern Death; how Medicine changed the End of Life by Haider Warraich (2017)

Europe’s Tragedy; a New History of the Thirty Years’ War by Peter H Wilson ( 2010)

The Holy Roman Empire; a Thousand Years of Europe’s History by Peter H Wilson (2017)

Life is War: Surviving Dictatorship in Communist Albania by Shannon Woodcock (2016) 

Catching Fire; How Cooking made us Human by Richard Wrangham (2010)

The Goodness Paradox; How Evolution Made Us More and Less Violent by Richard Wrangham (2019)




The Labyrinth of the Spirits by Carlos Ruiz Zafon (2019)