Discussion: I am Dynamite; a Life of Frederich Nietzsche by Sue Prideaux (2018)

The Book was generally well received, although some took to Nietzsche more than others.

Wendy said she found it easier to read after first reading “Nietzsche – A Very Short Introduction” by Michael Tanner on N’s philosophy, then returning to the Biography. She also found N misogynist, his constant change of genres frustrating, indicative of thwarted ambition. She was interested in the section on Elizabeth N in Paraguay.

Christopher wondered about the Aphorisms. Given N’s Philosophy of the Possible, were they intended to be read with different meanings?

Ruth noted that Salome (what a name!) had decided she wanted to live as a three-some with Nietzsche and Ree before she had even met N.  So nothing to do with his charisma and charm, more her fantasies and dreams of how she wanted to live.  Peter commented, well that is very Nietzschian.

N never met Freud or Jung, but influenced both, Freud the more reluctant to admit it.

Leonard speculated that, as N’s father too had had early brain disease. that N had heritable dementia.

We looked at a copy of the posthumous painting of Nietzsche by Munch, a lithograph of part of which forms the design on the cover sheet, but which lacks the glorious colour and Landscape background of the painting.

Peter said that after N’s death, Elizabeth N had had both of them painted by Munch. The picture of her reproduced below.

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