Cycling in the Eastern Parishes between rainstorms

Exploration between showers in my favourite part of my favourite Island.

My favourite Neolithic site in Jersey, La Pouquelaye de Faldouet, St Martin, a complex Passage Grave above St Catherine’s Bay . The Bike gives scale.

Riding along La Rue du Grouville in a new red cycling helmet.
The occupation transformer station at Le Bourg , La Rue du Moulin du Bas, Grouville. It is a unique site in the Island. I am involved with others in efforts to have it preserved and recognised. I hope to report further.
La Dame Blanche , a diorite Menhir, in St Clement on private land. You have to pass through gaps in two hedges to get to it. Note the threatening sky.
Under the rainbow , Rue de la Croix, St Clement. The cottage is called the Halt. It was originally a halt on the Jersey Eastern Railway before it closed in 1929, as a result of competition from the buses. In the JER’s final years , halts were introduced between the stations in order to try to compete with the bus service. The cottage retains the JER’s distinctive style and colours.

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