Cheviot Goat and Island Ecosystems

On this post I link two events.

 I attended a two day seminar at Société Jersiaise on Island Biodiversity. Of the many impressive and thought provoking presentations, one in particular caught my attention, by Catherine Wensink of UK Overseas Territories Conservation Forum. This is a UK Charity focused on island ecology in Britain’s Overseas Territories. See

Next weekend my two children, Jonny and Catherine, are taking part in an ultra-hard Cheviot Goat run. See 88km 2,900 m of ascent. They start with head torches at 6am on Saturday and have 24 hours to complete the run. It takes place on the remote Cheviots, forming the Border between Scotland & England. The run is called the Cheviot Goat, as, in early December,the flocks, except the Goat, are taken off the fells.

Jonny and Catherine are not raising funds in connection with their run. They are doing it for the experience. However if you do want to make a donation, please do so on, ( if you want ) noting the donation is made in connection with Jonny & Catherine participating in the Cheviot Goat.

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