Discussion: Factfulness; Ten Reasons We Are Wrong About the World and Why Things Are Better than You Think by Hans Rosling et al

The Reviews stimulated little disagreement, but much debate. All were impressed by the 4 Levels of Prosperity as a model of a changing world and changing cultures.

In Ruth’s view the Book’s essential message was not whether the world was on balance a better or worse (endangered) place but that, as decision makers, we need to know the facts and to be aware of the blockages and biases we have to face.

Sarah thought the Book accessible, its intention to speak to a large number of people. She and Yvonne liked its practical optimism, preferring logical problem solving to hand ringing.  Leonard marked it more highly than he would otherwise have done, as a testament to a dying man. Peter queried this, it should be good on its merits, not because of the circumstances in which it had been written. Wendy agreed. She thought it read like TED lectures put together as a Book. Ruth queried the attitude that readers should be expected to know what TED lectures were

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